All the employees these managers refer to have disabilities. They were all rated as excellent hires; good for their business, good for the employee, and good for the community.

On you will find numerous stories of interest to employers about how employment success for people with disabilities is achieved. The stories will also show how the employee success brought with it business success.


  • An industrial laundry manager mentioned the good attitude his dock worker brings to the job. Michael’s attitude is second to none, he’s reliable, and he works well unsupervised, the manager said.
  • A nursing home director appreciated the new skills her medication aide developed to increase his work flexibility.
  • A theatre manager said co-workers and customers love his ticket-taker’s attitude and humor.
  • A restaurant manager pointed to reliability and the excellent attendance record of scores of young men and women he hires.


Employers in the stories also mention the good feeling they get from helping their own community and helping the people they put on the payroll.

They say hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense. The individuals hired become tax-paying citizens and contributors to the economy.

Employers mentioned the importance of the assistance they get from disability organizations, state vocational rehabilitation programs, or school community work programs in training the employees to do the job. That help, often in the form of Employment Specialists, makes success for both the business and the employee more likely.

Employers express positive attitudes toward workers with disabilities. They are willing to hire employees with extensive support needs when they receive good services from disability employment programs.

And individuals with disabilities themselves say they want to work and have made employment their priority. Supported and customized employment strategies are very good at meeting the hiring needs of the employer and the support needs of the employee, resulting in an alternative to expensive sheltered work and day services.